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Default It has to be a server issue!

Originally Posted by fobicodam
Wait a minute, are we talking about Flash? the Macromedia software for animated things? this is a client component, ispconfig has no relation with what you put inside your pages !

Look for errors on other places, check if your .swf file is uploaded in the place when it should be, put the .swf address right into your explorer, did it open? is there any security setting in your computer? IE ussualy block any "insecure component", this is NOT a server issue.
And that is the reason why I decided to post for assistance. Because this is completely non-logical for as well. It works under RHEL4. I even took another physical computer, no a VM(Virtual Machine) this morning. Re-configured it completely to the letter, with Ubuntu 6.06 + ISPConfig. I created a Client, etc... Tied it to my domain, uploaded a simple HTML file with a flash button and bang! Same problem. There is something that is making Flash (Yes Macromedia Flash) not functioning when hosted on this server. I just cannot figure it out! It will show all other contents, but make the flash not appear at ALL! I tested it in Mozilla, IE, Opera etc... Its only when hosting it on this particular setup with Ubuntu 6.06 + ISPConfig the latest following the Perfect How-to. I just can't understand where the problem is! I look at the source code on the client side, and it shows all of the code for the flash, but nothing appears on the page. I have apache running on RHEL4, placed the same pages or sites, and everything works fine.

Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this problem? Maybe apache is blocking something? DNS not configured right, I don't know anymore!
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