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Unhappy Big trouble: separate domain appears as ServerAlias for another domain

Seems like my ISPConfig database is corrupt Here is my trouble.

I have several domains. Let's say,, and They all are configured identical: have several users, one database and server alias without www.

Yesterday I found that domain1's alias includes "". I.e. it looks like this on "Co-domains" tab:


Remeber, domain2 is separate domain and site!

I clicked on the IP address (it is a link), though I can delete it. I got a user (!) record for domain2. Not domain record but user record!

After several passes I managed to remove from co-domains list of I had to delete domain2 completely and recreate it. It did not appear in the co-domains for domain1.

Today I added users to domain2. Then I looked to Apache files, just to check how they were regenerated and... found as ServerAlias for I went to check co-domains for in ISPConfig and found there again. Now if I click on it, it gives me database (!) record for domain3 (it gave user record for domain2 before)!

Looks like my ISPConfig database is broken. I have to manually remove from ServerAlias each timewhen I do anything in ISPConfig.

ISPConfig version is 3.2.3, running on SuSE 10.0 64-bit. Mysql 4.1.

Does anyone have idea how can I repair ISPConfig in my case?

Thanks in advance!

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