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Default Simple question... I think - re: multiple domains.

I have set up Ubuntu (Dapper) using the how-to perfect setup for a server. All is great, ISPconfig is installed... I have the dns working correctly.

My question is this.

I have domain 1 (e.g. and domain 2 (e.g. When I go to both, they both go to my server, so I know the DNS is working well.

The question I ahve is this. I want and to go to different directories on my server (obviously because they are 2 different accounts). This is where I seem to be lost. What do I have to do to create an account so they go to their own independent areas on the server? I'm sure I'm missing something very simple (I hope, at least), but I can not seem to figure this one out.

I also have a subdomain on one of the accounts. If I call it ... I want that to go to its own area too.

Please! Thank you for your help and for bearing with me - I'm new at this, and learning a ton - and I appreciate those of you that take the time to help me out!
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