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I have mysql 5 and horde 3.1.2 and your script doesn't work for me as it should .. sql query:

$query  = 'SELECT user_email,domain_domain FROM (isp_isp_user INNER JOIN isp_dep ON (isp_isp_user.doc_id=child_doc_id AND isp_isp_user.doctype_id=child_doctype_id))';
    $query .= ' INNER JOIN isp_isp_domain ON (parent_doc_id=isp_isp_domain.doc_id AND parent_doctype_id=isp_isp_domain.doctype_id) WHERE user_username=' . $db->quote($user);
    $result =& $db->query($query);
returns 0 rows so if I want to send mail I see this query instead of email adress.

I'm not so good in sql lang and I am not able to find the thing what can resolve this problem. Any hints please?

Little note: in new version of horde I had to add

require_once 'DB.php';

$db =& DB::connect($dsn, true);
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