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Thanks for all of your help, guys. The website is now hosted on my own server, and that tutorial with the DNS from Godaddy really did it for me. I'm glad I had an extra comp. lying around. But I just have another question.

I can get to the domain, and I get the whole "welcome blah blah blah" page generated by ISPConfig. But I can't get FTP to work (no matter what user name I put into the web-ftp login inside ISPConfig, it can't connect), webalizer doesn't work, and webmail doesn't work. I can make email addresses and stuff inside ISPConfig, but once I go to domain.tld/webmail it doesn't work. I tried looking in the ISPConfig manual, but it's just not working. I'm starting to think that perhaps these services aren't installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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