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Default Migrating from Virtualmin to ISPConfig

I have a system where I do manage domains and users with Virtualmin. I wish to migrate my system so I can use ISPConfig.

But things are not that easy. I have found some problems and incompatibilities I wish to resolve.

1. Virtualmin configuration creates one main user for each domain and then subusers. The difference lies in the structure of the user name. For example if I create, I create automatically the unix user example, but if I want to add users to that domain those are created as user.domain in order to allow different domains have a user with the same name.

How can I ensure ISPConfig will do the same?

2. Virtualmain adds apache stanzas in httpd.conf while ISPConfig add the per domain stanzas are added in a separate file in the vhosts folder. I did start ISPConfig and started creating domains but I found my older domains already defined as VirtualHosts in httpd.conf would not show up but a message generated by ISPConfig. A shared IP error. I did turn ISPConfig off, but the error remained, until I restored the old httpd.conf file and restarted Apache.
How can I avoid that problem. I saw in another forum that I had to give the internal network address of my host and not the external. But I use an external server and I don't know it.

3. As with email I used postfix, ISPConfig replaces in the following order: virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual
which points at my actual email accounts by
virtual_maps = hash:/etc/mail/virtusertable

Would not it be possible to define /etc/postfix/virtual as the virtual_maps value for my mails, does virtusertable have the same structure than /etc/postfix/virtual created by virtualmin?

Thanks for answering i plan to become a user of ISPConfig and collaborate with this project if I manage to set it up to work, for the rest I managed to make it work and it looks just what I needed.

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