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Default Debian 3.1 install - Autoresponder not working


I've followed the debian 3.1 perfect install instructions and got ispconfig all working.

Have installed roundcubemail and works all sweet - except for autoresponder.
When I first tried, it worked fine... then noticed it doesn't...

Had the server off for a day - powered it up today and sent an email to the email address and SUCCESSFULLY got an autoresponder back... BUT NO MORE. When I send now, no reply... I didn't touch anything between emails either - honest!

Seems it want's to work occasionally but have tried all evening and no luck!

Have tried to follow all the maildrop info,etc but very confusing... Found that maildrop was not even installed during the installation instructions?

So some basic questions if anyone can help;

1) has anyone else followed the debian 3.1 install guide and had problems with autoresponders and fixed it ?

2) do I need he maildrop package installed ? and do i need a maildroprc file ?

3) in /etc/postfix/ it says the maildrop userid is vmail - but no such user on the system?

4) what config files should I need to double check for autoresponder and what should they contain ?

If anyone has a debian 3.1 install working can you please direct me in the right path - cheers...
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