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Default Virtual E-Mail Problem

Hey All,
I just set up a fresh install of Fedora Core 5 [howtoforge - perfect fedora core 5 setup], and installed ISPConfig. I am now having the following problem, which I am sure is just a newbie configuration problem. I created a new client [MyHBN], and created a new website linked to that client [myhbn]. The host for both client and website is 'www' and the domain is ''. I also created a codomain with an empty host field and the domain as ''.

Now the problem I am having is that when I add a user I am getting:
Quote: *rather than*
I have checked the /etc/postfix/virtusertable file and see the following (4) entries for the user :

Quote: myhbn.com_ajmurray myhbn.com_ajmurray myhbn.com_ajmurray myhbn.com_ajmurray
There are a whole lot of entries, and the only one that should really be there is the third line ( myhbn.com_ajmurray)

I have installed both UebiMiau and RoundCube.

I log in with myhbn.com_ajmurray as the username, and I try to compose a message and it appears that it is coming from:
myhbn.com_ajmurray <>
-- I would like it to say --
Aaron Murray <>
I am unable to log in at all. I have tried all possible usernames (in the email field) with no luck:
I appreciate any help on any of the above problems.

Thank you
Aaron Murray
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