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workaround (which sucks, but is a workaround)....

Performed all below tasks logged in as admin
1) Created a new client under admin login, called "Test"
2) Created a new site under that client, called "Test Site"
3) Moved client "Test" to desired reseller, clients folder
4) Moved site "Test Site" to desired reseller, sites folder
4) Deleted old client from reseller
5) Emptied reseller's recycle bin................
6) Renamed "Test" client to desired client name and updated contact info
7) Renamed "Test Site" to desired site name and updated settings.

Fortunately, I am the affected reseller, because having to create accounts like this for resellers would be a right pain for both the server admin and the affected reseller.

The auto increment on client/reseller fields is painful too, because with each failed attempt to create this client and site, the counter has gone up, throwing my client count right off track (i.e. I have a black hole of about 20 client ID's now..).
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