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Default Recurring "You have left only...." errors


Starting to get very frustrated with the following error message:
You have left only 0 domain(s) which you can assign to this website.
When I try to add a site to a new client, this error occurs. Sometimes I can delete the client and empty the recycle bin (please remove this "recycle bin" in future versions of ispconfig, when I delete things in linux I expect them to stay that way...) and then I can recreate the client and can add sites to the client, but never on the first try anymore.

Here's the reseller status:
Sites used: 4 of 25
Diskspace used: 1200 MB of 40000 MB
Users used: 3 of 250
Domains used: 7 of 25
Master Zones created: 3 of 25
Slave Zones created: 1 of 25
Databases created: 0 of 50

1) Each site is assigned to its own client
2) Each site has only one domain associated with it.

= 4 clients of reseller, 4 sites, 4 domains.

1) Where is the 7 domains (extra three) coming from?
2) If I should have a total of 25 domains available, and 7 reported to be used, what does "You have left only 0 domain(s)" mean?

Whether I log in as the reseller, the client, or the admin I am met with this error. Databases have been checked, repaired, etc, always reporting as OK.

(Centos 4.3 build on x86_64, followed howtoforge install of o/s and ispconfig build).
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