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I've read the manual, and it didn't help at all. I know what I'm asking may be more in-depth than anyone really cares to delve, but even just the first few steps should be enough to keep me more than occupied.

I have the server set up behind a router in my office. The IP address on the LAN is different than the public IP address. The router automatically forwards all port queries on the public IP address to the server's LAN IP address. That's fine and good, and I can get to ISPConfig from home. I just don't know where to go from here.

I have a website that I want to move to my server. The domain is with godaddy. The way I would assume one goes about changing what server a domain is pointing is changing the name servers. How do I make the nameservers point to my server? And then how do I create a site on the server that will be accessed when I type in the URL?

Also, just another thing, and I do appreciate any help that I can get, I'm still not entirely sure of how this "hostname" and "domain" works on the server. In the router's set-up, those fields are blank. But ISP config demands that I put them in, so I put "www" in hostname and my domain name, call it, into domain. I'm not quite sure what this does. Again, any help at all is really appreciated.
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