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I forwarded all ports (1-255) to the server. I can get the ISPConfig screen from outside the network now, but I just have more questions after this works.

The server still recognizes its LAN IP address as its own, yet I can look at it on the internet by going to the router's public ID. When I go to that address now, it says that the IP address is shared.

I added myself as a client, and then added a site. I have two DNS numbers that will not go into my domain control panel. It says the TLD is not valid or something. And how do I get FTP access?

EDIT: Is there a how-to guide on ISPConfig that's really good anywhere? I've looked through this website, and I just can't find one. I can follow along with a guide fairly well, and can even resolve some minor issues as they come up, but I'm a little lost/overwhelmed and feel like I'm wandering blind. Any advice or links to where I can find this would be very much appreciated.

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