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Default Fedora Core 5.0 and SimplyMepis

I have an emachines T6528 with an AMD Athlon 64 CPU with XP home on primary master, simplymepis hard drive on primary slave, a cdrom on secondary master and fedora core 5.0 hard drive on secondary slave. XP goes online and emails with no problem. neither of the linux os hard drives won't go online. i used to get simplymepis online when it and the xp hard drives were the only ones in the pc, set as primary master and primary slave. now after i installed the fedora hard drive neither it or the simplymepis will go online. what can be done to enable them to go online and set up email programs in them? simplymepis, in the past, has been very good with everyhting, but ever since i installed fedora on another hard drive and installed it as secondary master neither one of them will go online. should i just get rid of it? my goal is to have 3 hard drives, 3 os's , and be able to do everything with them. i've tried disconnecting the fedora hard drive and I'm still having the same problem with simplymepis not going online even after i disconnect the fedora one.
any help will be appreciated.
thanks, Jim
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