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Originally Posted by StoddardIV
I have installed ISPConfig. It was going smoothly up until it asked for the hostname and domain. I have a website, and I kept putting 'www' into hostname and the domain name, but it could never reach that URL. So I left 'hostname' blank and just typed in the network IP address for the domain. That satisfied it.
When asked for a host name what is intended is the name of the server. So for instance, if you wanted then you would enter as the hostname. Since you left it blank, there is no name for the server (except localhost), so the only way to access it is via the IP. Thankfully this is an easy fix.

Originally Posted by StoddardIV
I'm trying to move my existing website onto my own server. The server is on a high-speed network in my office (I operate a small business). I have a Linksys Router, and that's how the server connects to the internet. I'd like to know what I have to do so that I can get the server to start hosting websites that are accessible to everyone. In the office, I type it's (it's static IP address) with the https at the front and 81 at the back, and get the ISP config. But when I try to type in the public internet IP address, it just doesn't ever load - it times out eventually. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Make sure that you have configured your Linksys to forward Port 80 to the internal IP of your server. Most likely, the port is still closed and that is why you are getting the timeouts. On Linksys, the port forwarding functions are most likely on the tab that reads "Applications & Gaming", but that will depend on the exact Linksys model that you have in your office.

caveat! Once you open your network like this, you invite all kinds of problems into your life. Please, please, please read the forums, and in particular, read threads that have to do with securing your server.

Start there and let us know if that helped with outside access to your web server. Post here either way so that we know.
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