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Default ISPConfig didn't start on server restart


My server just restarted cause of stupid power shortage for a sec. Yes, we don't have UPS yet.. Now ISPConfig doesn't work. All websites, FTP, emails are working normally, SSH doesn't work cause it says after entering the username (connecting with putty):

System bootup in progress - please wait
Password isn't accepted..

Now i belive that ISPConfig didn't start cause i forgot and added password to:

In step 7 ("Encrypting RSA private key of CA with a pass phrase for security [ca.key]")and step 8 ("Encrypting RSA private key of SERVER with a pass phrase for security [server.key]") of the certificate creation process you are asked if you want to encrypt the respective key now. Choose n there because otherwise you will always be asked for a password whenever you want to restart the ISPConfig system which means it cannot be restarted without human interaction!
Could this be the problem? How do i recreate this step only so that i leave password empty this time..

Even so if ISPConfig didn't start because of this, why i can't login with SSH?
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