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Originally Posted by till
I know how ISPConfig works, I've written a large part of the software since 2002 mod_rewrite redirects are able to rewrite URL's in a way that the URL does not change, but we choose the redirection where the URL changes in the browser.
I know you know how it works, i just read a lot of threads about subdomains and in most of them it says that it redirects from subdomain.domain.tpl to www.domain.tpl/folder. So it confused me!

Right, this actually does work, you just need to wait for a few minutes to actually work

Well since this works, i'm fine with it the way it works! What about limitation of subdomains? Is this already in ISPConfig? I really don't want user to have unlimited subdomains.

PS: Small request, can you guys actually comment code in like English instead of German language? Some of us don't speak German so...
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