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Originally Posted by TheRudy
Not the only CP that does that, actually most of them do this. When you create new subdomain, new folder with the same name as subdomain is created. Yes, i added that sub_ prefix which can be revmoed of course.
Yes, but thats the result of the inability of most panels to handle an unlimited number of websites per client. These controlpanles are web centric, means you log in your website, ISPConfig is centered around the client, means you log in your client area as most large hosters (that do not use cpanel etc.) have implemented it.

You talking about adding new co-domain and Forward it to folder feature? Well that doesn't really work for me. What happens if the company doesn't want to offer mod_rewrite to customers? Plus i might be wrong but, to quote falko from some other thread about subdomains:

In other words, for a subdomain to work with new folder under mains and WITHOUT redirecting from 'subdomain.domain.tpl' to 'www.subdomain.tpl/folder', you would have to do some manual changes to the rules and stuff. Also from another thread about subdomains. Or was this fixed or did i understand it wrong?
I know how ISPConfig works, I've written a large part of the software since 2002 mod_rewrite redirects are able to rewrite URL's in a way that the URL does not change, but we choose the redirection where the URL changes in the browser.

Don't quite get this to be honest. Why not just simply moving subdomains tab inside co-domains. Then you would have for example on top subdomains and below co-domain stuff. Why checkbox or option field?
If you make a new database table for subdomains, you will have to rewrite nearly all scripts that deal with domains, e.g the complete email part on the server and on the client side.

Don't get me wrong here but i would just like to view a CLEAR option for subdomains where even a non-expert can add it without asking anyone a single question. Let's face it, that is not possible now using co-domains and forward folder cause people will look for 'subdomains' name/title. Plus if cPanel and other CP's have it, why not also add it to ISPConfig? I mean its more of a plus for ISPConfig to have 3 ways of dealing with subdomains (mod_rewrite, new account, vhosts). Now that is something not a lot of CP's have! Well even if you guys don't like it or think its stupid, i'll probably add this feature for my ISPConfig.. I want my customers to add subdomains on their own without any support with ability to limit the number of subdomains per domain name..
Thats what the co-domain feature delivers, plus the ability to add domains that are not a subdomain of the main domain of the website. The main problem is that poeple are searching for the word subdomain, but subdomain does not describe the additional feature that is available with co-domains.

I dont says that this is not useful for ISPConfig to have another type of co-domain implemented, but it is better to discuss implementation details before such a new feature is integrated. By the way, this is a topic for the Developmet forum. If you are not a development group member yet and are interested to join the development group, plese write me a PM with your sourceforge username.

If you add features like this, please use the latest SVN version for development.
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