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Yes .. this problem is somewhere in system .. I have problem with charset encoding in console too .. National specific chars are not displayed corectly .. I have to switch to another encoding by export LANG if I need work with vim for example .. Before upgrade in previous version of ubuntu console was ok .. unfortunately I dont't know if stats were ok too .. New system seems to have problem with cs_CZ.utf8 encoding ..
Second thing why I think it is system problem - If I switch another charset display in konqueror display menu I am not able to find correct encoding for stat page ... here is what I found on the net:

Re: [webalizer] webalizer localization

You should first attempt to change the encoding type that gets declared
in the HTML code. You have to change the HTMLHead keyword of
webalizer.conf. Change the encoding from iso-8859-1 to some encoding
that allows you to see well your page.

You can see which encoding you need in Internet Explorer, in the "View"
menu, click on "encoding" and try all the encodings there to see if it
can solve the problem by simply changing the encoding.

--- Marek Simon <simon@...> wrote:

> I have czech webalizer and I want to see my webalizer stats in czech.
> The webalizer does it, but there are questionmarks instead the czech
> letters. Including charts. I think, the libraries the webalizer is
> using, are not localised. I have Debian Sarge. Can somebody advice
> me,
> which libraries should I change and how?
> Marek
but without solution .. Ubuntu comunity is not so great as gentoo .. I cannot find solution on their forum ..

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