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Originally Posted by TheRudy
In other words, subdomains are now really part of main domain, using domains webspace/bandwidth. No more new accounts, users can add subdomains on their own without being super duper expert of adding new domain..

What's the problem with this? This is how we all want for subdomains to work. Seen lots of people on this forum asking for this type of subdomains. They probably know it from cPanel or some other CP.
It might be the way cPanel manages subdomains, but this does not mean that anyone wants subdomains to work this way as ISPConfig implements it with the possibility to have more then one website per customer. For example most poeple here are asking to set a subdomain to a directory of their choice and not to a static subdirectory under the main web directory as this does not add real benefit to the current ISPConfig implementation with mod_rewrite (you can use mod rewrite that the URL in browser dies not change, this results in the same behaviour then your implemamtation).

I would add this feature but i have one problem (not familiar with ISPConfig code structure, falko check PM ). If you guys give me some help on getting to know the code structure when i need it, i'll be happy to do this.
Please ask me for any development related questions and not Falko.

I think there are two problems with the solution in your example screenshots, 1) we dont have space for another tab, (in your screenshot the SSL tab is not enabled) so it might be better to add the subdomain list on the same tab then the co-domains.

The way I prefer the implementation is to add a checkbox or option field to the co-domain settings where the type of subdomain can be selected. Either as rewrite rule like ISPConfig implements it now or as separate vhost like you proposed it.

If you add subdomains as vhosts, dont forget to change the log split scripts and the statistic scripts too, so the traffic is accumulated to the main website and dont get lost.
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