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Completly wrong guys.

How i was thinking was like this:

New tab is created on sites form. Form that shows when you click on some created site where user/client can see his own stuff. Here user himself can view/add new/update/delete his subdomains.
Check the pic:
example 1

Now when user adds a new subdomain.
example 2
This domain is of coruse written into table a new apache info is added to Vhosts_ispconfig.conf file like:
<VirtualHost IP:PORT>
  DocumentRoot /var/www/
 ...other stuff...
and DNS stuff for this domain:
subdomain     IN  CNAME
And now the finall part, folder called 'sub_subdomain' is created inside domains main folder, so:
/var/www/ <--- main domain folder
/var/www/ <--- main subdomain folder

NOTE: sub_ = prefix that is attached to each folders name for subdomains.

Of course admins/resellers can limit number of subdomains allowed per site/hosting packet.

In other words, subdomains are now really part of main domain, using domains webspace/bandwidth. No more new accounts, users can add subdomains on their own without being super duper expert of adding new domain..

What's the problem with this? This is how we all want for subdomains to work. Seen lots of people on this forum asking for this type of subdomains. They probably know it from cPanel or some other CP.

I would add this feature but i have one problem (not familiar with ISPConfig code structure, falko check PM ). If you guys give me some help on getting to know the code structure when i need it, i'll be happy to do this.

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