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Originally Posted by till
Yes, the command is:

chown ftp:ftp /plant

No, this chroot is managed by your FTP daemon internally.
I used this command and got it to work after I changed it to
#chown ftp:ftp /var/ftp/plant
I restarted the ftp server then tried to uplaod a file from my Windows box using WS_FTP and I am still getting Permision Denied.

I will have to go through the config file again and try to see what I am missing or not doing correctly. My directory structure for ftp is under /var/ftp then I have /crop wich is where they should download files and /plant where they should be able to upload files. When logging into my ftp site it shows the directory's under /crop. I am already thinking I need to change the login directory so that /crop and /plant both show but that shouldn't effect uploading should it?

Any help would be appreciated though!

gotta go to work , thanks for the help
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