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Default domains, subdomains, webspace, bandwidth..

Hey, Here's something i found out today and please do not say it is like i'm going to describe it here!

You add new domain/customer with let's say 50MB of webspace and 50MB of bandwidth. Now you also offer them 5 subdomains with ordered package. When adding new subdomain, you cannot 'attach' it to domain name to use their space/bandwidth.
So in other words, user get's a total of 300 MB of webspace and 300MB of bandwidth with 1 domain + all used 5 subdomains while he paid for 50MB of space and 50MB of bandwidth.

Will any newer version of ISPConfig have better support for subdomains cause frankly, current one is bad!

Plus, please fix that database username stuff and add it so that user can enter his own username and use as prefix the domain name...

Probably will have to hack it myself eh.. but hey, worth of a shot..
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