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Red face ISPConfig

Originally Posted by falko
I guess you tried to install ISPConfig several times, without deleting the original install_ispconfig directory first. If your first installation fails, then delete the directory install_ispconfig, unpack the tar.gz file again. go to the new install_ispconfig directory and start the installation again. In your case I'd suggest that you also delete /root/ispconfig and /home/ispconfig before.

BTW, there are 3 or 4 threads that deal with this problem... There's also a note in the installation instructions on http://<br /> <br /> <br /> :o h...tallation.htm:
I've finally gotten ispconfig installed. I can access it using my 192.168.1.XXX ip address. Now I need to know how to login to the ispconfig panel....i never got a place to enter a username or password during do I go about setting up an administrator username and password?
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