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Originally Posted by edge
your domain is not black listed.. It is not white listed!
If you register a new domain today it will still not work as it's not on the 'white list'!

If your SPF record is correct, the email should still showup in the 'Bulk' mail.

Are you sure your SPF record is okay?
A way of seeing this is by looking at the headers of a Gmail account!
It should say something like this:

where support@yourdomain.ext is the email address of the sender and the_ip_of_server the IP of the server running the mailserver.

If the SPF record is wrong the message is like this:

note the neither permitted nor denied

When it's like this I also can not send to Hotmail!
Thankx guys, now it's solved..... actually that was a stupid problem i m stupid.... u know what... i had tested it with my hotmail id... and while i check my junk filter setting I found there "Delete immeditaly delete junk mail" was checked...
Krishol Poudel
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