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Default Bastille - firewall in ISPConfig.


I installed ISPConfig lattest version in a X86_64 mean machine and everything is perfect. (a dauting task
Looking at the startup message I can see that ISPConfig in the boot System V sequence starts after the network has been initiated, after some other stuff has also been started.
(network S05network and S07ispconfig_server in runlevel 3).
I can perfectly see in the log file that ispconfig_server starts and his own instance of apache is also up and running.
My question is When does the firewall start.
I followed the perfect setup but I can not see when the iptables rules are set.
The script bastille-firewall does not show in the init.d rc levels.
Also using
# iptables --list
The rules appear to be there correctly setup.
But It does show up in yast2 runlevel editor and it is not possible to make it "active".

Should I just make

chkconfig bastille-firewall --add
chkconfig bastille-firewall on --level 3,5


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