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Originally Posted by till
If you dont allow your users to create subdomains by setting the number of domains to 1, they cannot create subdomains. Thats the purpose of the domain limit.
Well i would like to create hosting plan etc. 1 domain allowed and 5subdomains allowed

Originally Posted by till
If your server has unlimited ram and unlimited disksapce and unlimited computing power, it makes sense to create unlimited number of databases I have never seen that anyone has created more then 30 databases for one domian / webspace. But if you need more, you can create more databases with phpmyadmin.
No I don`t have it, but still i think its much better if someone see for one hosting plan, he/she has unlimited databases or FTP accounts....

Originally Posted by till
Just create a redirect script or use an apache rewrite rule.
How can I create redirect script? I think this script will be maded in php language, but what command i must use for redirecting, that could be unique for every domain and where to put it? I dont wanna to create script for each host seperately, but one script that i put it in ISPConfig and will be created for each host automaticly.

And how can I use an apache rewrite rule? (soory for stupid question, but i`m newbie in all of that )

Originally Posted by till
More themes will be nice. ISPConfig supports themes, but currently there is only the deafult theme available.
I will create few themes and send someone of masters for ISPConfig!

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