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Default Few questions about ISPConfig

I have few questions about ISPConfig....

1. How can my customers create sudomains, if they have allowed only one domain? If I try to create sudomain on under CO-domains, then I get an error: The maximum number of domains for this site has been reached.

So how can I or my customers create subdomains if they or me have allowed only one domain?

2. Is it possible to create unlimited FTP accounts and MySql databases? Like I saw in ISPConfig i can add only one FTP account and Anonymous FTP and for MySql databases is maximum number 30 databases....

3. I still did`t try cuz i was just started with my server at home and i`m gonna running public it when i get better connection (next week),but I will ask anyway: Is it possible when one of customers write in address line (his/her own domain), that he/she could be redirected automaticly to (his/her own domain and not hosting domain)
I know for one web panel, where is possible this for redirecting, however i can`t advertise for other product

P.S.: Are you maybe interested for additional design for ISPConfig and that customer can choose betwen one or other design afterward?
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