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Default Ethereal Ubuntu 5.10 with custom kernel

This is a different problem, but the title suits.

I've installed ethereal on my Ubuntu 5.10 (I know it's old now) which has a "custom" (vanilla) kernel with hibernate (suspend2) support.

I did the following:
apt-get install ethereal
apt-get install tethereal
and tried to execute ethereal with
user:~$ sudo ethereal
# and
root@host:~# tethereal
but both didn't work, giving the error:
Could not set capabilities: Operation not permitted
However, if I execute ethereal as a normal user, it starts up, but I cannot listen to traffic because I don't have enough rights.
How can I make it work? Does it depend on the kernel? Should I install the sources or is it a different problem?
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Ubuntu 5.10 with custom kernel (2.6.16-suspend2),
Debian Sarge 3.1 and Etch

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