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Originally Posted by
I would like to run ISPConfig on the default web server port together with the normal web server (Apache). Is that possible?
Only if you have two IP addresses. Then you can use one IP address for your main Apache and the other one for ISPConfig.

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Shouldn't there be a way to let apache run as a different user in case of ISPConfig with a Virtual Host directive or something?

I want to save resources by running just one web-server because my system runs on a vserver with limited memory and I've got quite a few other servers running, which I don't want to turn off. ISPConfig is not used at the moment, because I've got no commercial clients.
I've never tried this, and I don't recommend it. The purpose of having two separate Apaches is that if your main Apache goes down, you can still access ISPConfig and try to fix things.
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