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I can't answer all of your questions but I will give the ones that I know something about a go.

Originally Posted by ignasigarcia
3.- It looks like ispconfig uses spamassassin and clamav but no amavisd. I have been using amavisd for virus and spam checks with clamav and spamassassin. Is ispconfig's approach better than using amavisd?
Using amavisd-new with SA and ClamAV is fine but not easily configured on a per user basis. In ISPConfig each user can manage SPAM/Visus/Scan settings.

Originally Posted by ignasigarcia
4.- clamav and spamassassin are included in ispconfig. The moment there is a new release of these programs, can we update them, or do we have to wait for a new release of ispconfig?
It is possible to update them manually when there is a new release. It is not automated but not all too difficult. I think Till posted an answer to that question in the forum but I cant seem to find it just now.
You will find SA and ClamAV under /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools/

Originally Posted by ignasigarcia
5.- An finally, is there a way to do simple email distribution lists, like emails sent to that are distributed to several accounts in that domain? I've been browsing the menus and haven't found anything like that...
The simple thing to do in ISPC is to set up an account with the address sales@your.tld and set a forward for this account containing the recipients you need.
Pure aliases without creating an account is not supported.

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