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Default questions from a newbie in a hurry...

Hi there!

We are moving our server to another data center after having connectivity problems with the current one. Our servers currently use ispman, but we are very impressed with ispconfig features. However, we haven't used it yet in a production server. We would definetely like to move from ispman to ispconfig, but we cannot make the wrong decission (there is no turning back). We are ready (and urgently need) to start the migration, but we have some questions that need answers, and I hope you guys can help...

1.- We will be using cyrus as imap-pop server. I know ispconfig dev version works with cyrus, and I have done some basic tests. Has anybody had any bad experience or problems with cyrus and ispconfig?

2.- We will be using, beside regular pop3 and imap access, squirrelmail for webmail access. I've read people having problems with instead of accounts. I've checked /etc/virtusertable and both entries are included. It seems confusing. What's the deal on this?

3.- It looks like ispconfig uses spamassassin and clamav but no amavisd. I have been using amavisd for virus and spam checks with clamav and spamassassin. Is ispconfig's approach better than using amavisd?

4.- clamav and spamassassin are included in ispconfig. The moment there is a new release of these programs, can we update them, or do we have to wait for a new release of ispconfig?

5.- An finally, is there a way to do simple email distribution lists, like emails sent to that are distributed to several accounts in that domain? I've been browsing the menus and haven't found anything like that...

Thanks very much in advance

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