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I thought I've had my share of bad days, but this one has got to be the worse... I totally screwed it up... i shut myself out of the server all together.

I set...
eth0 to
eth1 to
eth1:0 to
eth1:1 to
eth1:2 to

While I was configuring I was connected to the server still on After restarting the network, I could not connect any more to the server. This is quite normal, since the server was on and my laptop still on and then it hit me. All usuable IP's are taken by the two NIC's and the virtual NIC's...

I've tried to connect with but no dice. I've tried any other IP in my IP-range ( but still nothing.

Is there another way to connect to the server or do I have to start thinking of a new installation of the whole system?

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