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Default colocation problem

I've installed ISPConfig on CentOS using the perfect setup howto on this site. This was all done at home and after some configuration, it worked fine. Both nic's had and 111...

Now i've placed my server in a datacenter and my provider gave me some technical info to config my server. The server is connected to the net with a 100Mbit connection.

IP range :
Default gateway :
Netmask :
Nameservers : -

Now i've changed the first nic to, gateway and netmask

This is /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.       localhost.localdomain   localhost   C01S01.domain_name.tld     C01S01
The nameservers where already put in resolv.conf, since the provider at home is also colocating my server.

Also in ISPConfig server settings:
Servername: C01S01
Hostname : www
Domain: domain_name.tld
IP address:
IP list:
I've tried to ping, but nothing... only the default gateway is pingable.

The stats of my server, shows very little datatraffic... but still, it is traffic!

Now the support dude, told me to set my nic's to full duplex... but I didn't know how to do that and i think they're already full duplex anyway.

Can anybody please help me with some advice, because I'm starting to lose my head over this.


ps. keep in mind that i'm not at liberty to post results of any command when asked, since the server is about an hour driving. Thanks again.

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