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Anyone able to provide me with help in restoring data?

Little background:

I use the backup script on my main server running on a VDS debian. I have a mounted folder /backup that uses ssh to securely mount a remote directory on my home server at /backup as well. It works fine. I can see everything is there, log is updated, etc.

Now the issue is that my internet between home and the VDS sucks, so uploads are maximum 70kb/s more like 50kb/s ... yes I know Australia's internet sucks

My question is if I use the script on the hosted server like its meant to be:

./ dir /var 2013-09-01 /tmp

then it tries to extract the backup to my hosted server. Also if I try this:

./ dir /var 2013-09-01 /backup/tmp

trying to utilize the backup to be stored on the same server as what holds the incremental backups, it goes slow as well.

So is there a way to irrespective of where the backup came from, working on the home server run some form of backup script restore locally?

Hopefully someone can wade through my dilemma...

I will definitely be changing my script to use sub-directories because all I want is a fraction of /var and currently its 4GB of data I need to extract...

thanks in advance
Steven Swarts
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