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I would love to, but you seem to have made it impossible. I cannot switch: I have to start again with a new server, setting up every user and every site by hand.
ISPConfig 3 is a new software which has been developed from ground up to avaoid the wrong decisions that we had made with the ispconfig 2 system design. E.g. the use of system users for email and FTP. For that reason, ispconfig 3 was not compatible with ispconfig 2 and ispconfig 3 is not meant as an update fr ispconfig 2 and for the same reason, you can not migrate a server without recreating the sites and email accounts.

Using Port 81 was a disaster for me a long, long time ago. Many people had port 81 blocked at their office firewall. It was much easier to assign an IP address for ISPConfig and use the normal port.
Never had a problem with port 81. But you could have used ay port you want, same with ispconfig 3.

Is there a way to install the latest ISPConfig 2 onto Debian 7 and not compile a special version of Apache?
ISPConfig 2 will not work on any current Linux distribution due to the old apache version as I described above.
Till Brehm
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