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Originally Posted by Sheridan
Nope. I definitely do have different DocumentRoot settings. Otherwise my two different typo3 installations wouldn't work.

Trust me. ;-)

I wish I could

Typo3 support multiple domains using a single database and as I said previously it is possible with a CMS such as Drupal or Typo3 to host multiple domains in one document root and the CMS system will be able to distinguish between the domains since the hostname is visible to PHP but not to apache.
If the two Typo3 installations use the same database it is likely that you cannot tell which document root your request end up in since Typo3 will fix it.

The apache developers says it can't be done. I've tested to make sure and cannot make it work. I have seen this issue debated and never seen anyone else claim they can get apache to do namebased virtual hosting with SSL and different document roots. The Plesk documentation even states that:
SSL certificates that participate in the encryption process are usually applied to a single domain name on a single IP address, therefore, each site that needs SSL protection must be hosted on a dedicated IP address.
If you are able to create two domains on the same ip with SSL in Plesk and access two differnt plain html files from the two document roots I will be impressed and very curious as to how Plesk does that. It is not possible with a plain apache server serving html.
So far you keep telling me "it can be done", but with little hard evidence. I would really like to know how to do it if it can be done but so far the only thing I get is your word against the world so to speak

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