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Originally Posted by Croydon View Post
ISPConfig does not support proftp yet. ISPConfig uses pure-ftp.
Have you altered your ISPConfig installation to use proftp?
Maybe you have overwritten the pure-ftp with proftp so it cannot find any of the client's ftp accounts set up in ISPConfig.

First I'd try just to stop proftp and start pure-ftp (if it is installed, too).
I hope it is like that. Here is the story.

ProFTPD is running right now and there isn't Pure-FTP module. I think you are right, it had overwritten because of I see Pure-FTP's folder on etc/pure-ftp.

What should I do know? How can I install Pure-FTP or how can I active ProFTPD on Ispconfig 3? I'm a starter on these works. Could you help a little more?

EDIT: I checked ISPConfig 3 panel right now and it says: FTP server isn't working.

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