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Originally Posted by Croydon View Post
Could it be that webmin altered the ftp server configuration?
In my opinion it is not a good idea to use webmin on an ispconfig server as it alters some configs that it shouldn't.
Have you checked the ftp server error logs?
We're using ProFTPD and we've checked the logs, they contains those errors. Here they are, I censored sensetive informations.

Jul 09 21:07:43 server.***.com proftpd[11483] server.***.com (::ffff:***[::ffff:***]): FTP session closed.
Jul 09 21:08:04 server.***.com proftpd[11492] server.***.com (::ffff:***[::ffff:***]): FTP session opened.
Jul 09 21:08:04 server.***.com proftpd[11492] server.***.com (::ffff:***[::ffff:***]): USER ***: no such user found from ::ffff:*** [::ffff:***] to ::ffff:***:21
It continues like that. I tried to restart ProFTPD, didn't work. We checked "Denied Users" section, our user isn't in there.
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