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Default Newb: Can't get WebDav working


I'm hoping this is something simple...

I'm using ISPC
Ubuntu server 8.06 LTS (?)

Apache modules dav and dav_fs are enabled

My domain is (example)

I set up a webdav user called nwilldav, which actually becomes xcvbnwilldav.
I set the path to nwill

When I use the OSX finder (10.6.8) I: Go > Connect to server
Server address:

I get the error:
<Connection Failed
There was an error connecting to the server Check the server name or IP address and try again>

The site itself is working fine so it's not a DNS issue.

If I use a WebDav client (Transmit) with the following settings entered:
Username: xcvbnwilldav
Initial path: <Blank>
Port: 80
Protocol: WebDAV

I get: Cannot connect to

If I set the "Initial path" to webdav/nwill
I get a 403 error.

What am I doing wrong?

Hope someone can help :-)


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