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Default DNS allow transfers??

I'm changing the BIND setup and need all dns entries to allow zone transfers to my backup dns server -
but when I add the IP in under ISPCONFIG in a given dns entry on the 'allow transfers' config line and save it it does not seem to ever get written back to named.conf.local. only if I go in and manually edit that line do we get the desired result.
is there a time period? when does ISPCONFIG update the file? did I just not wait long enough?

I'm curious as I want to allow ALL my zones to transfer to this ip. should I add an allow-transfers into named.conf and would that cover ALL zones??
currently EACH zone has a allow-transers {none;} line currently.

or do I need to manually enter all through ISPCONFIG? and if so when is the update written back to named.conf.local?

or do I need to manually enter them into named.conf.local?

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