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There are many log files as shown below

root@server:/var/log# ls
alternatives.log    dmesg.0                lastlog         nginx
alternatives.log.1  dmesg.1.gz             mail.*          ntpstats
apache2             dmesg.2.gz             mail.err        php5-fpm.log
apt                 dmesg.3.gz             mail.log        pure-ftpd
aptitude            dmesg.4.gz             mail.log.1      pycentral.log
auth.log            dpkg.log               mailman         rkhunter.log
auth.log.1          dpkg.log.1             messages        rkhunter.log.1
boot                fail2ban.log           mysql           rkhunter.log.old
boot.log            fail2ban.log.1         mysql.err       syslog
btmp                faillog                mysql.log       udev
btmp.1              fsck                   mysql.log.1.gz  upstart
clamav              ispconfig              mysql.log.2.gz  wtmp
dbconfig-common     ispconfig_install.log  mysql.log.3.gz  wtmp.1
debug               kern.log               mysql.log.4.gz
dmesg               kern.log.1             news
I looked at syslog and it was empty, what log file I am to look at?
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