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Default DNS Default TTL and Reverse Zone

Hi, I am a newbie for ISPConfig. I found it very good. At the moment I am using Version 2.2.3. However, I have 2 problems with DNS manager.

1. I want to change Default TTL when I create a new zone. What I did was editing the form of dns_ttl in "dns - DNS Eintrag" from 86400 to 7200. Since then whenever I create a new zone, the zone file created is missing TTL information, and bind will give error message after restarting. I have to manually change it to another value under "DNS Manager" -> "DNS Entry" -> "Options". Did I do it the proper way?

2. I notice that DNS Manager will create a reverse zone file for every IP address zone. Is there anyway to avoid this? I am using ISPConfig as a DNS server as well as reverse DNS server? The reverse zone file created is not good for me.

Thank you very much.
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