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if I want to try something other than pure ftpd whats your second choice? working with ispconfig3 of course!
Thereare no other supported FTP daemons and this setup. You cann easily verify your problem, use a different FTP client like fireftp plugin in firefox, if you see the exact same login / logout behaviour, then its a issue on your ftp server setup. If you dont see the same behaviour, then its a issue of your other ftp client.

if I wanted to put this (that used to go into the content_ispc.css file)

.icons16.icoWebFTP { background-image: url("../../icons/x16/folder_open.png"); }

in a css file in the current setup where would it be appropriate?

But the menu is handled differntly now, its one sprite grafic that contains all icons and the icon that is shown is selected by its position in the sprite.
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