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Default phpMyAdmin issues


I hope you can give me a hand, with the following issue, as I really don't know what else to try/do.

Related to my issue, is this post here #11 but I've tried everything I found relevant to the matter, but I still get

: Missing parameter: import_type
: Missing parameter: format
I haven't tried replacing my with this one because the difference is significant, and I don't know that well phpMyAdmin's code, to see if I will suffer any security or bug issues.

Had tried
- The
, haven't tried it as I don't see it by default in php.ini

- My
is commented and set to
already set and seems to work fine

- The Hardened-PHP thing, I doubt that is the case... I have a default CentOS Nginx MySQL PHP configuration.

And I run php version 5.3.3

So, do you guys have any ideas?
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