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Default "Table 'baruwa.south_migrationhistory' doesn't exist"

Hi guys,
thanks for the guide. I'm trying to figure this out but I'm only starting out on linux mail systems (this is to be used for a gateway to an exchange system).

I'm currently stuck at

# baruwa-admin syncdb --noinput
# for name in $(echo "accounts messages lists reports status fixups config"); do
baruwa-admin migrate $name;

Whenever I try and populate the table, I get a tracback message ending in
django.db.utils.DatabaseError: (1146, "Table 'baruwa.south_migrationhistory' doesn't exist")

.Any idea what causes this ? all other previous checks run as expected.


EDIT : Dammit, posted this in the wrong forum, must have been very tired last night .... In a charitable mod want to move this to the 12.04 perfect spam snake forum I would be grateful. And Again, I'm very sorry.
In any case, I solved my problem. I was being an idiot and didn't know i had to initialise the db (by doing baruwa-admin syncdb --noinput , ie without the comment)

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