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Default Odd error in Apache2 logs - Ubuntu 12.04

I got an entry in apache's error.log that has me confused.

The server gets hit with random file not found errors like most any web server would (script kiddies looking for admin pages for web apps that aren't even installed and the like.. standard stuff.)

But then I saw a file not found error for a file that does exist, a web page that gets hit often since it pulls in the most organic search traffic.

At first I figured someone typo'd the URL when entering it in manually, but it checks out fine, letter for letter..

And I double checked the page, it loads fine now.

So, it seems for one moment, my Apache server thought a file that is legit and regularly accessed, no longer existed.

What happened? Is this common? Does Apache log anything else that could shed more light on what happened?

I reviewed the requesting IP address's instances in Apache's access.log and it appears the only request that IP ever made was the single line that resulted in 404ing.. so it doesn't appear like it was a script hitting everything on the site, it was very specific and the user bounced after getting my 404 page. :/
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