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So I finally solved it. But that was really, really hard...
Unfortunately function client_update doesn't work at all. I think there is bug in file in function getSQL on line 787 and 788. Creating SQL statement is not correct:
$sql_update .= '`sys_userid` = '.$this->sys_userid.', ';
$sql_update .= '`sys_groupid` = '.$this->sys_default_group.', ';
After bug resolved:
$sql_update .= '`sys_userid` = "'.$this->sys_userid.'", ';
$sql_update .= '`sys_groupid` = "'.$this->sys_default_group.'", ';
(quotation marks) Now it return correct SQL statement and function client_update works again. Please check this notice and please fix it as soon as possible.
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