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Originally Posted by teves View Post
Hello all,

I am planning to program an ISPConfig 3 plugin for creating customer form letters providing all access info and credentials.

The challenge:
When creating new customer accounts and/or webs, emails, databases etc. (for customers), I always have to create new passwords and store them manually, so I can provide my client with a letter containing all access data and credentials.
I want a tool that can do this automatically.

I know that no readable password information is stored by ISPConfig, so I developed the following concept:
I will add a plugin to any editor of ISPConfig that writes credential information, encrypt it as securely as possible and then write it to the database.
So the plugin will be able to create letters containing the credential info of a certain user or web.

So far, I wish to implement the following features:
- password storage with strong encryption
- an individual password will be created during installation of plugin
- creating PDF documents with customer information / credentials
- simple document editor (this will only allow to switch on/off usage of certain information in the output document)
- download/show document or send to customer via email
- multilanguage support with language editor

I'd love to get feedback from you all; what do you think of the plan; who would want / need such a tool, what features would you suggest! Please write!

Kind regards, Tom

I would find this very useful, in ISPConfig2 I loved the way I easy could send login information by mail to the control panel to the customer, but this plugin sounds even better.

Tell me, if there is someway I can help you make this plugin possible.
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