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Default DNS SERVFAIL for virtual sites

Installed ISPconfig 3, added a site and added a dns zone using the site name for the ns1 and ns 2, went to the registrar and added the new nameserver and the site is there working.

Then when I add a new site, I go the registar and add the original nameservers and nothing.

Dig the site name gives a status: SERVFAIL, dig localhost status: SERVFAIL and there is no ip for A record.

If I create a new dns zone for the second site using ns1 and ns2 site name and the same ip as the first name servers, then add the new name server at the registrar the site works.

I checked bind9,restarted it.

In my previous hosting all sites used just the one name server and the site configuration was automatic for all the virtual hosts (no manual adding of A records). I am thinking that some configuration files are not being written here, but not sure where to look or what might stop them being written.

I don't want to or to ask other users to create a dns zone for each site on the server, but not sue what I have done or am doing wrong.
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