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Are spamfilter policy applied to sending emails too?
Policys are applied to the recipient domains or email addresses which are defined in the Spamfilter > user / domain list. The irection of the mail does not matter for amavis. The problem that you get now is that you would have to add the recipient domains in this list for outgoing emails if you want to apply a policy on them which is not a really usable solution.

I guess the following options might work better:

- Do the settings to disable some amavis functions in the global amavis configuration file so they get applied to all emails except the ones you set policys for in ispconfig. So spam filtering will work as usual for the domains and addresses you configured in ispconfig but will be disabled for all non configured domains, so this will get applied to outgoing emails.

- As alternative you can configure an additional port in postfix which skips spam filtering with amavis. If you configure your newsletter software to use thsi port then, emails will not go trough amavisd. If I remember correctly, there are some instructions for such setups in the amavisd-new readme files on their homepage.
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